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Dream League Soccer 19 Free Coins

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Why should you use Dream League Soccer 19 Hack coins?

Dream League Soccer Cheats

Have you ever wanted to get a strong team on your DLS account without having to play a lot of months just to buy one good player? Now you can. Using our “trick” you can get unlimited free coins on Dream League Soccer 19 without having to pay anything. It doesn’t matter where you are from or how many coins you have now on your account. You can use this Dream League Soccer 19 free coins iOS or Android without any problem.

Where can you use Dream League Soccer 19 Free coins?

Dream League Soccer 19 Generator

Just like every game that exist, on Dream League Soccer (DLS) you need coins to get strong too! You can use coins for different things, such as to upgrade your stadium or your players. But one of the most things people use coins on DLS is to buy new players.

Buying new strong players will help you get a better team and win more games. Using the “glitch” we provide will help you get tons of coins all for free. With these coins, you can get all the players you ever wanted on your team.

Trying to get all the players you ever wanted on your team without this trick it will take you up to 3, 4 or more month to get them.

What Does Dream League Soccer 19 generator offer and how does it work?

It works pretty easy! All you have to do is type your team name or your Facebook ID or something that will help the generator to find your account and send the coins. This isn’t some kind of Dream League Soccer 19 Cheats or something else. It’s just a glitch that will help you get free coins on DLS 19.

This Dream League Soccer 19 Generator offers :

    Free coins
    Players never get tired
    Win matches easier

Learn More about Dream League Soccer

Have you ever played FIFA? If yes then you would know that to play it you have to buy it first! It’s a great game but clearly, not everyone wants or have the money to pay for it. So there are better solutions if you love football and want to play it on your phone. A really good solution to that is this game called Dream League Soccer.

Dream League Soccer is developed by First Touch Games. Like many games, this one too has been on ios before Android. It was released on 8 December 2011 for iOS and for Android it was released at 29 November 2013.

The game is only for mobiles and not for other consoles. It’s totally free to download and play from Appstore and Google Play. And just because it’s free it doesn’t mean that they don’t update the game and the game is slow or bad. It’s the opposite. I’m sure they update the game more often than FIFA.

There are small updates really often. But once a year there is a big update where they change the looks, the logos and the name. So basically they add the year they updated at the end of their name. So if it’s 2019 the name of the game will be Dream League Soccer 19, and so on!

This happens every year, where they also change the performance of many players, their looks and also add new players and new teams. Just like the game every update is free to download as well.

The Game

Once you download the game and open it you will get 1000 coins as a bonus to help you get started. At the very beginning, you have to chance to sign a “Medium” skilled player. You get 10 different choices and you have to choose one of the players. And then you will get 15 random players as well so you can complete your team.

Just like in real life, you start from a very low division and you have to earn your way to the top. You get on a better league if you stand at position 1,2 or 3 when the league you are on ends. That rule is for every league you are and you have to be at first 3 positions every time a league ends in order to go to the next league until you reach the highest league where then you have to fight to keep your team at that league.

Except for league you also have to play for different cups and other leagues as well. Of course, you can also play this game without any internet connection. Always in leagues and different cups, the opposite team is controlled by computer and not a real human.

But, if you want to play against a real human you can! You can play against humans using your wifi. You will be connected to a random opponent where you play against them for a small number of coins.

Clearly winning against real players is harder because almost everyone has good players. A lot of people get Dream League Soccer 19 Free Coins. You can also play against your friend too! If you want to play against your friends all you have to do is to turn on the Bluetooth and play. You won’t win or lose any coins if you win or lose against your friends.

For every season you have your own “Objectives” where if you complete them all you will get more coins. The Objectives can be for example: “Score at least 15 goals on the league” “Win the Division you are playing” and so on! These objectives are automatically generated by the system and not you.

It is really recommended that before starting a match to train with your players. You can train them how to shoot better, how to pass better and so on! That will help you get better at controls inside the game too! You can also change your team name, you can change your kits and your logo. You can even make the logo, kits, and team name similar to a real football team.

Since you have 15 or more players you have to choose your best formation for your team. You can choose for your team to play “Defensive”,”Moderate”,”Attacking”.And you can choose every players position. You have to choose really fast and good players if you actually want to win a match. And you need to have good substitutions as well because your players can get injured and you will have to change them.

The actual games last 5 mins and you can control all the players on your team. So you are a trainer of your team and you can also play with them! Inside the game, you have a big circle that will help you move the player at the direction you want. You also have three other buttons “A”,”B”,”C”. Where with the “A” button if you have the ball you can “Shoot”. With the “B” button if you have the ball you can “Pass” the ball to the nearest player, and if you don’t have the ball your player will start chasing the ball to get it, and with the “C” button if you have the ball you can “Cross” and if you don’t have the ball you can “Tackle” the opponents players.

These buttons are shown for every game you play. At the very beginning it will be hard to control a player with only these buttons on your screen, but once you complete a few games you will realize that you don’t need any more buttons to control players.

While you are playing you can change up to 3 or 5 players depending on if it’s a “real” match or a “friendly” match. If you are playing “Online” or against a friend you have only 20 seconds to make a change on your team formation everytime you pause the game, and if you are playing against a “computer” on league or cup you can pause the game as much as you want.

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